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Why Tracs Industrial Chillers?

Randy Willette, Tracs Chillers president and sole owner has over 25 years of experience in Chiller Manufacturing and Service industry. 

  • Our company - Tracs has over 20,000 square feet of working floor space in our primary New Hampshire depot.  With Service representation in Texas, China, Singapore and Taiwan.

  • Functional capabilities - Our New Hampshire facility boasts industrial three phase and single phase power in a variety of potentials.  Tracs can handle your air and water cooled 480V, 208V, and 120V requirements at 60 Hz up to 200 amps. 

  • Testing capabilities - Tracs uses an efficient heat load testing center that recycles the energy passed through devices under test.  With the ever rising cost of energy in mind, this further increases our overhead savings allowing us to pass them on to you.  We have added solar pre heating capability and can handle your largest portable cooling equipment.

  • Shipping capabilities - Our New Hampshire facility can handle any size truck and safely manipulate your heavy equipment inside.

  • Inventory - We utilize inventory management software for reordering control and can hold specific qtys for your company only should you want to entertain a security holding at our facility.

  • Lead Time:  Is your company paying for the inefficiencies and long lead times of your current chiller service provider?  Put simply, our focus is Manufacturing , service and repair.  Our labor capability is 2 to 10 repairs per day depending on unit requirements.   

  • Lower Cost Alternative:  Tracs has a much lower overhead than most other operations.  Our, low waste, stream lined data collection system ensures that we’re spending our time on value added activity, minimizing our costs and your unexpected down time. 

  • Quality:  Expert staff, each with no less than 15 years of practical experience.  Our experience includes 
    service, management and engineering specific to Semiconductor and other high demand Hi-Tech industries. 

  • Energy Conservation:  Tracs is committed to energy conservation, recycling the existing heat energy passed through tested equipment.  With an eye towards green technology, Tracs utilizes solar collection to further enhance its efficiency.

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